Stazzu Farmhouse for sale in Costa Smeralda

Revisiting the charm of Gallura

Galluran Stazzu Farmhouse

The Costa Smeralda was known as Monti di Mola in ancient times. An area densely covered in Mediterranean scrub dedicated to grazing which reached all the way to the sea and was dotted with shepherds’ houses. The ‘Stazzu’ farmhouse is in fact the typical building of the age.

Typical rustic buildings and renovated ‘Stazzu’ farmhouses are still found all across inland Costa Smeralda for those who love being surrounded by nature just a few steps away from the beautiful beaches of Porto Cervo, Romazzino, Petra Manna – La Celvia, Liscia Ruja and Baja Sardinia.

Some properties offered by Real Estate in Costa Smeralda are still in the original form and structure of the ‘Stazzu’ farmhouse. Exclusive properties either to renovate or completely restructured with the best materials and an architectural style evocative of the ancient Galluran people.

How to recognise the Galluran Stazzu Farmhouse

The ‘stazzu’ refers to both the farmhouse and the land. The house has a simple rectangular shape with granite walls held together with clay. The windows are on the longer side of the building just like the imposing entrance door.

The building or adjacent buildings are always arranged on a North – South axis with doors and windows on the East side of the structure. This is to maximise light and to offer protection from the very strong and frequent winds from the North-West (mistral). The roof covering usually consists of juniper beams and rafters.

Real Estate in Costa Smeralda is happy to present various exclusive ‘Stazzu’ farmhouses for sale in the beautiful Galluran countryside that have not yet been restructured or renovated.

Find the ‘stazzu’ farmhouse of your dreams!